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Winter activities in the Aran Valley

The Val d'Aran not only offers a magical ski resort, but also offers a wide range of possibilities to enjoy the snow and the mountain in winter.

Some of the activities we can do:

Snow rackets

They are a gadget used to move in areas where snow covers the ground for months. Snowshoes make it easy and easy to walk on soft snow. It is a sport suitable for people of all ages who do not know or do not feel like putting on their skis.

Mountain Skiing

It is an activity that consists of the ascent and descent of mountains with the sole help of the skis. It ascends with specific material and the descent is done with alpine skiing technique.

Dog sleds or Mushing

It is one of the most complete sports that exist. Its practice enriches the person who practices it in the knowledge of the animal, in the loyalty, in the fidelity and in the companionship approaching the man to the pure nature. This sport emulates the explorers of the Arctic.

Horse sleds

Sleigh rides on horseback through the snowy forest. The experience of riding the sled on horseback is very different from that of the sled with dogs since the position of the sled is higher and there is a direct communication with the driver. Horses are known as "shot" horses, are native to the country, rustic and field work that have been tamed and withstand very low temperatures.

Heliski and Heliboarding

It consists of skiing or surfing off-piste accessing the ski slopes with helicopter rather than with conventional chairlift. The heli-ski is practiced in natural environments, with powder snow and wild landscapes, without needing the effort required to practice hiking in these areas.