Free tours in El Arenal Refuge

Every year during the months of July and August El Refugio de Arán offers free of charge to all its clients excursions with accompanying guide by the Valley of Aran and surroundings.

These excursions are held from Monday to Saturday in the morning .

We detail excursions made during the last summers:
  • Bassa d'Oles (Heidi Route - Alpine Meadows)
  • Vall de Salenques (Natural Park Posets - Maladeta)
  • Vall de Torán
  • Waterfalls Besiberri
  • Estany de Gerber (Peulla - National Park)
  • Village of Aneto - Camí de la Creu
  • Coth de Baretja - Pic de Quadrilhes (Portillon Spain - France)
  • Charming villages (Benós, Begós and Arró)
  • Road to the Empress (France)
  • Ballibierna Lakes

Excursions are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances or weather conditions.
They include accompanying guide, accident insurance and civil liability.