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Along the valley you can find a multitude of hidden places where you can enjoy the best gastronomy. Whether in summer, winter, autumn or spring, you can taste an excellent Aranese pot, savor the pates and sausages that are cured here thanks to the microclimate there is, or taste a good piece of meat from some of the many animals that inhabit for both wild and farmland. Viandas that must end with a good homemade dessert. Many are the places to eat in the Aran Valley and all of them very good.

Some of the establishments that can not be missed if they come to visit us are:

  • Eth Corner: Aranese and typical mountain cuisine. Tapas. Cazuelitas. Grilled meats. Homemade cakes. Average price: 15-30 ?.
  • Sidrería Era Bruisha: Basque cuisine. Specialty meats and grilled fish. Average price: ? 25.
  • Coquela Era: elaborate and mountain cuisine. Average price: 40 ?. Daily menus.
  • The Piedmont: Traditional Italian cuisine. Specialty in pizzas and pastas. Meat made from wood. Average price: ? 20.
  • Eth Paer: pintxos bar, toast. Assorted sausages. Premiun cups. Wine cellar selection. Average price: ? 20
  • It was Canaula: Barra de pintxos, home cooking and typical of the area. Wide range of international beers. Average price: ? 20
  • Casa Turnay: Aranese and author cuisine. Average price: ? 25.
  • El Niu: Traditional Aranese and Catalan cuisine. Star dish "Mélulas filled with Foie-gras". Average price: 30-50 ?.
  • Mesón Casa Benito: Traditional cuisine of the Valle de Aran. Average price: ? 30.
  • Toast: Homemade and grilled cooking. Average price: ? 25.
  • Eth Restilhè: Aranese cuisine. Average price: 40 ?.
  • Crazy chicken: International cuisine. Vegetarian cuisine. Average price: 19 ?.
  • Pinotage: Mediterranean food and fusion. Snacks and drinks. Average price: ? 25.
  • Sidrería Casa Pau: Basque and Catalan cuisine. Pintxos. Specialty in grilled calçots and artichokes. Average price: ? 30.
  • Tauèrna Urtau: Pintxos. Dishes. Aranese cuisine. Average price: 15 ?.
  • House Rufus: Own kitchen. Average price: ? 30.
  • Eth Bot: Aranese cuisine. Average price: ? 30.
  • María Ademá: Aranese cuisine. Only menu "Olla Aranesa". Average price: ? 20.

  • Unhòla: Traditional and Basque cuisine. Average price: 38 ?.
  • Casa Rosa: Traditional food. Celiac and Vegetarian menu. Average price: 25-30 ?.
  • Esquiró: Market cuisine. Fresh fish and seafood. Average price: ? 50.
  • Ticolet: Creative and International cuisine. Average price: 45-50 ?.
  • Cap deth Pòrt (Pòrt dera Bonaigua): International Cuisine. Average price: 25-35 ?.
  • Restaurant Barradòs: Aranese cuisine. Brasa. Average price: 15-20 ?.
  • Boixetes de Cal Manel: Catalan and Occitan cuisine. Average price: 30-35 ?.
  • Es Bòrdes: Aranese and French cuisine. Average price: ? 25.
  • The Portalet: Creative Catalan cuisine. Average price: 30-45 ?.
  • Er Occitan: Market and Fusion Cuisine. Average price: 30-50 ?.
  • La Trastienda: Traditional market cuisine and tapas. Average price: 15-25 ?.
  • It was Tiurna: Tapas. Specialty in giant skewers. Average price: 15-25 ?.