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La Raclette del Refugi Bar - Restaurant

Our restaurant "La Raclette del Refugi" specializes in high mountain dishes of alpine origin, where you can taste traditional or mixed Raclette, Fondue of meat, Fondue for children and as chocolate fondue desserts with seasonal fruits or crêpes with jams homemade A fun, informal and fun way to share a table with your partner, family and ideal to gather friends.


In Raclette, different ingredients such as cooked new potatoes, pickles (pickles and pickled chives) take part to facilitate the cheese and raclette cheese, very creamy Swiss cheese. We also serve it with green salad. Optionally it can also accompany the Raclette with Iberian sausages or others like serrano and cooked ham. Except for children who are at the table, we advise you to accompany the tasting of these dishes with wine, in principle if it is better white.

La Raclette is cooked in an electric appliance of the same name, which has an iron on the surface, and a space at the bottom to place small individual trays in which to melt the cheese along with other food if desired.

Meat or Borgoña Fondue

An original and fun way to cook the meat at the same table. It consists of immersing small pieces of fresh, high quality meat in an electric fondue with oil until it has the desired point, the casserole is common for all diners and placed in the middle of the same table. The meat is accompanied with salad and cooked potato and is wet in different sauces before eating it.

It is located on the main floor of the Hotel. Its decoration in intense green color contrasts with the wood and the stone that covers the walls of the bar-cafeteria, creating the perfect atmosphere.

It has an outdoor terrace open in summer where you can enjoy the outdoor views on the banks of the River Garonne.
  • Summer season: open from July 15th until August, 31th.
  • Winter season: open from December until March, 21st