Valley of Aran

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Valley of Arán

The Valley of Arán, to the extreme north-western of Catalonia, frontier with Aragon and France, is a valley located in the Atlantic slope of the Pyrenean, of 620 Km2 of extension, that constitutes the head of the river Garona

The official language is Aranese, along with Catalan and Spanish.

The strong personality of the Aran Valley, which has remained to this day, is largely explained by the mountainous character, 30% of which exceeds 2000 meters altitude. The mountains constitute a natural barrier that has historically conditioned the communication with neighboring lands, especially with Aragon and Catalonia, while the course of the river makes way for gasconas lands. The mountain passes that communicated the valley with the Catalan regions were inaccessible during the winter and difficult the rest of the year, until the road that passes through the port of Bonaigua (year 1924) and the new tunnel of Vielha (year 2008) made way for road traffic and enabled communication throughout the year.

Skiing and snow sports have an extraordinary prestige in the valley, due to its geographical location that conditions a colder climate.